The demand for quality and affordable heating and cooling systems in the Georgian market is growing. Customers want to get modern, high-tech and at the same time, energy efficient products. Celsius was created to meet this demand.
Our goal is to make available to the citizens of Georgia the latest European product that they so desperately need.

The company entered the Georgian market in November 2020 and has already become known, despite a short period. During this time we opened stores in Tbilisi, Zugdidi and Batumi. During the pandemic, we were able to offer remote services and full service to our customers.

We offer our customers high-quality heating and cooling systems, the quality of which has already been tested over time. Italian company "Ariston" is one of the most famous brands in Europe, which Georgian citizens can buy in our stores. "Ariston" is a guaranteed quality and comfort. In addition, our customers will be served by a team of professional craftsmen who consult people before purchasing products, help them to properly select the heating and cooling system and plan the installation. They also ensure its commissioning and are always ready to help when needed.

Our systems are equipped with the latest technologies, which makes them as easy and comfortable to operate as possible.

Our users are:

Medium and high income families who want their house to be equipped with a heating-cooling system that will satisfy even the most pretentious and demanding person;
Construction companies who want to have an ultra-modern and quality heating-cooling system installed in the house they build;
Entrepreneurs, companies and absolutely everyone who wants to get guaranteed quality and European standard service.
We offer Georgian citizens an unrivaled European quality. "Celsius" in winter and summer offers properly selected and guaranteed comfortable products that will withstand any test. Most importantly, the level of service and price are in complete agreement with us.

With us you will buy all the necessary details with the help of our professionals and you will find a craftsman who will make all your wishes come true.


Article published by Entrepreneur Georgia team: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/362398?fbclid=IwAR0ShIM1rZ8MrWQ6tBWg7sT2r9xtjz8C55bO9P31mCSuiC84t_8c67dwHwM

Article Author Entrepreneur Georgia team, 2021-01-01