Selecting, purchasing and installing a heating system is not so simple. According to Davit Navrozashvili, the head of retail sales of our 'Celsius', in order to heat the space effectively, so that we do not have a large cost, we must take into account some important moments. 'Celsius' is an importer of heating, air conditioning and water supply systems, which offers a full range of services to customers, from selection to post-installation inspection.

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Davit Navrozashvili: We offer full service to customers. The first step is to choose the right heating system - our thermal technician goes to the site, evaluates the space, makes an outline - which brand of boiler will work well, which radiator and what wiring will be needed. Then, the customer, we count all this and in case of purchase, naturally, we arrange and even install. You can order from anywhere, without leaving home. I also mention that we have branches in Tbilisi, Batumi and Zugdidi.

Any customer who wants to install a heating system chooses it according to the square footage. However, this is a very general feature. We treat everything with high professionalism, we see on the spot what kind of doors and windows the space has, whether it has a neighboring wall or not. This helps us determine what heat loss may be in this space. Also, after seeing the area, we decide what type and size of radiators, what kind of capacity boiler and electrical wiring are needed. For example, a 6-kilowatt radiator can be equipped with a 15-kilowatt heating boiler, which means heating an area of ​​about 150 square meters. It is a hot water consuming, full load system. However, the space may have a large heat loss. Consequently, wiring and boiler of other parameters become necessary. Such details are recorded by our technicians and so we offer the customer a system specially adapted to its area.

I alone or a company taken alone could not have done anything without our team. Each of its members, based on feedback received from the user, is constantly evolving. Not to mention the innovations and knowledge that we systematically bring to the team. We are constantly working on development, refinement of our knowledge and services. At Celsius, everything is chained to each other - on every incoming order, the operator provides us with information, the group goes on the spot, the thermal technicians evaluate the space, we determine exactly what kind of system the customer needs. This data is provided by the store and sales managers to the customer. However, this in no way means a time-consuming process - at most, within 48 hours he already knows what type of system he needs to heat the space effectively.

As I have already mentioned, we have products for different segments. However, this does not mean low quality. We constantly offer special discounts to customers.

We offer customers a good environment, communication, quality service, even in the smallest details, highly professional advice and service. We focus on each customer, helping them select the right system, moving in, installing and then servicing if anything needs to be replaced or fixed.

The first thing that is necessary is to make a choice in favor of quality. By that I mean mainly pipes and radiators. There are about the same products, but different in quality. Basically, this difference is reflected in the technical data. And naturally, their prices are different too. For example, I see on the object that there is no good warming, i.e. there is a large heat loss. In this case, I advise customers to increase the number of radiators by 10-15%. Or for further savings, I recommend packing tubes that do not lose temperature, therefore the cost will be less. The same goes for boiler and wiring.

Also consider a number of important factors:
The number of bathrooms and their consumption. If your home / office has several bathrooms or a kitchen, you need a different system so that water fluctuations do not cause problems. There is a special tank with the help of which water is consumed simultaneously in several bathrooms. The customer has a definite budget from the beginning and then when he has to adjust it, he tries to save as much money as possible. However, this should not happen at the expense of quality. Attention should be paid to heat loss and how to increase or decrease the tax in the future by adding a specific detail. It is very important to choose the pipes correctly, according to their diameter. For example, in order to save money at that moment, we should not buy a pipe of a diameter that can not evenly heat the required number of radiators for our space. At such times we will have to raise the temperature and eventually, pay more taxes. Also, there is a so-called. Metal-plastic collector system, similarly, the so-called. The collector should be selected with the appropriate diameter. It is very important to choose the right heating boiler, when choosing its capacity, we must take into account the number of bathrooms, their frequency of use, heat loss in the apartment, the required number of radiators, etc. In addition, in order for the heating boiler to be economical, the so-called We have to install thermostats. This will save us up to 20-50%. In short, such details must be taken into account when choosing a heating system. And naturally, our specialists help the customers as much as possible in all this.

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