Ariston is a global brand of heating and cooling systems. It offers customers around the world the highest European quality standards, maximum comfort and the best warranty conditions.

Ariston Thermo Group was founded in 1930, by 2021 it is one of the largest Italian companies in the heating sector.
Ariston is a global group and international leader in the domestic, commercial and industrial thermal spheres. It has more than 7,000 employees in a total of 60 companies and 10 offices in 36 countries around the world. Annually, the brand sells more than 7 million different types of heating and air conditioning products in 150 countries around the world, the value of which goes up to 2 billion euros, and this number is constantly growing.

In 1960-70 the company started to produce electric water heaters and from the very first year the company became a leader in hot water systems. Since 2020, Ariston has shifted 80% of its business to high efficiency and renewable energy products. In the same year, Ariston became the exclusive partner of Celsius in Georgia, which, along with the sale of products, took responsibility for the full service.

Ariston Thermo Group International Company includes 9 of the 9 largest brands in Europe:

Ariston brand first appeared in Georgia in 1995 with the products of electric water heaters. With the increase in market share, the assortment has become diverse, which at the moment includes: central heating boilers, gas, electric and solar water heaters, volume tanks, air conditioners, hybrid heaters and all components.

Ariston is one of the first companies in Georgia in heating and cooling systems that has CE marking of products. All Ariston products are of the highest quality by European standards, which also includes service parts.