Upgrade and Save

Tired of heating malfunctions? Do you no longer want to incur extra costs?

Then use the special offer Celsius, upgrade any heating boiler and save up to 700 GEL!

Replace the old boiler with a new Ariston Italian brand and get:

  • Dismantling the old boiler for free
  • New boiler installation for free
  • Free delivery / Matoana
  • Discount on new boiler:
    • 500 GEL discount - if the old boiler is working properly;
    • 400 GEL discount - if the boiler works but the parts have a defect (the pump is clogged, the fan has noise, etc.);
    • 300 GEL discount - if the boiler does not work but has all the parts.

Contact us for an offer or for more details: