Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and Celsius Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Celsius or celsiusi.ge) and govern your use of the Celsiusi.ge Website. The celsiusi.ge website and / or related services, including any communications made by Celsius to Merchant users regarding the services offered, are hereinafter referred to as the celsiusi.ge platform.

Personal information that Celsius obtains from you or third parties is processed in accordance with the privacy policy set forth in these Terms.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of celsiusi.ge, you also agree to the privacy policy of celsiusi.ge.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of celsiusi.ge, you also agree to the return policy of celsiusi.ge.

Since the customer and the merchant want to open a personal account on the platform operated by celsiusi.ge, so that the customer can buy through the platform, and the merchant sells his own product, Celsius, the customer and the merchant agree to sign a contract on the basis of which , Use, sale of products posted on the platform by celsiusi.ge and delivery to the customer, payment by the customer, remuneration of the merchant, calculation of commission from the sales made through the platform and the rules of payment, as well as closing the account.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Website.

All users and merchants who want to use the celsiusi.ge platform are obliged to agree to the following terms and conditions. The administration of celsiusi.ge reserves the right, at any time, by posting on the same website, to make changes to these terms without the additional consent of the user and the post-merchant.

1. Definition of terms

1.1. The terms and definitions used in these Terms have the following meanings, unless otherwise clearly stated in the context of the document:

1.1.1. Account - means the account registered by the user or merchant on the website;

1.1.2. Authorization - means the user's access to a personal account and includes any action specified in Article 6 of the terms of these Rules;

1.1.3. Terms of Use - means these Terms, in conjunction with any other Terms and / or Conditions, the Terms of Use shall be deemed to be part of these Terms and which govern the access and use of the Platform by the User and Merchant, including any content, features and services offered. On the website;

1.1.4. Website - means celsiusi.ge, through which the service is offered;

1.1.5. User (buyer) - a legal or natural person who meets the requirements of these terms and wants to purchase Merchant products through the celsiusi.ge platform;

1.1.6. Merchant - a legal or natural person who meets the requirements of these terms and wants to sell products through the platform;

1.1.7. Celsius, we or ours - means celsiusi.ge, which is registered and exists in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, identification code: 445392557, registered address: st. Batumi, Seaside Park (actual address: Ak. Beliashvili St. # 136, Tbilisi) or any person affiliated with it or any of its affiliates;

1.1.8. User, users - means a user registered on the celsiusi.ge platform and / or merchants, separately and together;

1.1.9. Parties - means Celsius and its users;

1.1.10. celsiusi.ge platform - a platform operated by celsiusi.ge, which without any restrictions includes the celsiusi website, and / or all other alternative channels available to celsiusi.ge;

1.1.11. Transaction - any operation performed by a user in connection with a personal account and / or services.

1.1.12. Universal Identifiers - the set of data provided to the user by celsiusi.ge, using which he / she is registered in the identification system and is given the opportunity to use celsiusi.ge through a number of remote services and / or remote service channels;

1.1.13. Access code (s) - codes, passwords, username, identification code, universal identifiers and / or other confidential information that celsiusi.ge may provide to the user and / or merchant for access to various services;

1.1.14. Agreement - an agreement between users and celsiusi.ge, which includes these rules

And the terms and conditions thereof, if any.

1.2. Where context allows, singular nouns mean the plural and vice versa.

2. Statements and warranties

2. In accordance with these terms and conditions, Customer / Merchant confirms that:

2.1. The Merchant is an independent contractor and is not a Celsius employee, partner or / or agent. Celsius is not responsible for the quality of the products sold by the Merchant on the platform for the actual compliance of the Damiss characteristics with the description provided on the celsiusi website (celsiusi.ge).

2.2. Celsius is exempt from any liability that may result from the sale of products placed by the Merchant, including breach of contract and warranty, non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations, etc.

2.3. Is a legal entity or natural person established in accordance with the legislation of Georgia who is 18 years of age or older and at the same time is not a citizen of the European Union or a resident of an EU Member State.

2.4. Has full (unlimited) legal capacity, is not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychotropic antoxic drugs, is not under the influence of error, fraud, pressure, threats or any unlawful effects and is not subject to violence, threats, deception or error. Or any third party, fully aware of the content of the disclosure of property, the essence of the provisions of the Terms and the legal consequences arising therefrom;

2.5. The Customer has the full authority (or will receive the appropriate authority) to sign and fulfill the obligations under these Terms or any other agreements and applications;

2.6. Get acquainted with the conditions and these conditions are acceptable to him;

2.7. All data provided by him are accurate;

2.8. The user is not involved in or involved in any illegal activities (including money laundering, arms trade, terrorism or other illegal activities provided for by the legislation of Georgia (including the legislation of Georgia and the country of which he is a consumer);

2.9. Upon opening a personal account and for the entire period of validity of the contract, its activities and / or actions are / will be in accordance with local and / or international law.

2.10. His action is not / will not be aimed at deceiving celsiusi.ge and / or any third party. Subject to this principle, the document and / or information submitted by it to celsiusi.ge for the conclusion of the contract or on its basis and fulfillment is also / will be infallible, accurate and complete;

2.11. He will fulfill his obligations under the conditions in good faith, fully and properly;

2.12. Agrees that after opening a personal account, before the termination of the contract, celsiusi.ge will search / verify and process any user-specified or related information, including personal information and / or universal identifiers.

2.13. The user immediately informs celsiusi.ge in writing about all the circumstances (s) that may contradict his / her statements and / or cause the violation of the mentioned guarantees;

2.14. celsiusi.ge enters into a contract based on the statements, guarantees and obligations given in these terms and conditions and considers them as the terms of the contract. Accordingly, the breach of the statements, warranties and obligations under this Article after the conclusion of the contract is a sufficient ground for celsiusi.ge to refuse to provide all or any of the services provided by the contract and the terms.

2.15. Upon reaching an agreement between the Customer and the Merchant through the Platform, an Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Purchase Agreement”) is entered into, the terms of which additionally include these Terms and Conditions. Celsius is not a party to the purchase agreement. It only supports the process of reaching an agreement between the customer and the merchant through the platform and its execution, which excludes liability in case of breach of obligations under the service agreement. Accordingly, Celsius is responsible for:

2.15.1. The quality of the merchant's products and the consistency of its characteristics with the data placed on the platform;

2.15.2. The accuracy of the personal data provided to Celsius by the Customer and Merchant;

2.15.3. Due diligence of the purchase agreement concluded between the customer and the merchant;

2.15.4. Existence of a permit / license / certificate, if its existence is envisaged by the legislation of Georgia for the sale of a specific product envisaged by the agreement;

2.15.5. Damage caused to third parties by the Merchant and / or the Customer.

2.16. Any misunderstanding between the customer and the merchant / pr

In the event of tension, Celsius will be fully relieved of any claims that the parties may have against each other.

2.17 The Customer and Merchant acknowledge and acknowledge that:

2.17.1 The design of the website, software kit, basic software code, software and other materials shall be subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights, respectively, subject to protection;

2.17.2 Do not use any software provided for the use of artificial intelligence services;

2.17.3 Celsius Website Services In some cases include user contact with third parties who may offer their own product or service. Celsius assumes no liability or liability for authenticity or solvency or other legal or proprietary status, or for any features of the products or services offered to you. Where we offer access to third-party products and services, or hyperlinks to websites, we do so for the purpose of providing information, as such information or issues may be helpful to users of our website. Such links do not constitute an endorsement by any third party of the views, ideas, products, information or services posted on this website, or any other related websites, and we expressly / expressly endorse such representation or representation. You use third party information and / or links at your own risk and we do not assume or endorse any responsibility or liability for the content, use or access to this third party information and / or websites. We do not endorse such third party data for the content or accuracy of the information, nor do we warrant that such content is free from copyright, trademark, or other third party rights, or that such data is free from viruses or other harm. Accordingly, we make no warranties or representations and are not responsible for any electronic information (its content) provided by any third party, including, without limitation, the accuracy, timeliness, quality and timeliness of any electronic content.

3. Open and use a user account

3.1. Rules for using the services of the customer and merchant celsiusi.ge:

3.1.1. For the user to use celsiusi.ge service:
The user is registered on the website celsiusi.ge;
For registration, the user enters a first name, last name, e-mail and password, knowing that not only the Manda system does not keep it open, but also stores its hashed version, which is not accessible to anyone other than the owner.
To complete the registration, the user must select the field that agrees with the celsiusi.ge-privacy policy and terms of service;
After completing the registration, the user selects the desired product or products on the website and adds them to the cart to buy them.
To complete the purchase, the customer fills in additional information on the purchase page: personal number, mobile number, actual address, selects the desired delivery and payment methods and completes the purchase procedure.
If the customer has any additional questions regarding the terms of service of celsiusi.ge or the product of interest to him, he should contact the support group at the phone number: 0322 052 930 or e-mail: info@celsiusi.ge
The Merchant is registered on the website celsiusi.ge;
For registration, the Merchant indicates: Merchant Store Name, Identification Code, Legal Address, Actual Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Password (as per 5.2), Contact Person, Contact Person Position, Contact Person Mobile Phone Number, Contact Person Email, Also Information on Celsius (whether he is a VAT payer and whether he has goods taxed without VAT) and the categories of products he sells should be marked;
To complete the registration, the Merchant must select the field that agrees with the celsiusi.ge privacy policy and these Terms and Conditions;
If the customer has any additional questions regarding the terms of service of celsiusi.ge or the product of interest to him, he should contact the support group at the phone number: 0322 052 930 or e-mail: info@celsiusi.ge
3.1.2. To use celsiusi.ge service by Merchant:
3.2. The user is obliged to always keep his personal account access codes safe and never disclose them to third parties.

3.3. The user assumes full responsibility for any action taken on his account. If a person accesses the user's account on behalf of another person, it is assumed that he / she has sufficient authority to use

To impose certain obligations on the Arab. Celsius fully disclaims liability for damage caused by a third party accessing the user's account.

3.4. The user is obliged to change his / her password and immediately contact the customer service center of celsiusi.ge, in case the user has a reasonable suspicion that his / her personal account information, password or other security access code (s) or means have been stolen, lost, misappropriated, Unauthorized use or otherwise misappropriated. Failure to comply with this obligation will jeopardize the security of the user's personal account, as well as result in liability for any loss / loss.

3.5. By opening a personal account, the user declares and guarantees that by opening a personal account he violates any law or regulation. It is obliged to protect the interests of celsiusi.ge and to compensate all the damages caused by celsiusi.ge as a result of the violation of the requirements provided by this paragraph by the user;

3.6. The user is obliged to ensure the accuracy of the information on his personal account and to update it. celsiusi.ge will not be liable for any damages caused by the non-fulfillment of the mentioned obligation by the user. celsiusi.ge is entitled to request confirmation of the correctness of the information from the user or submission of documents or other evidence at any time;

4. Universal identifiers registered in the identification system

4.1. User name - one of the parameters automatically defined by the centralized identification system required for authorization to receive remote services, which is unique;

4.2. Password - one of the parameters required for authorization to receive centralized remote service, which is defined by the user upon registration in the centralized identification system, through the remote service channel (s) selected by celsiusi.ge or other communication channels. The password is subject to further update / change at the user's discretion.

4.3. Mobile phone number - the phone number on which the user receives the one-time access codes and one-time passwords (if any) required to perform the operations defined by the centralized remote service.

4.4. User personal number / identification number;

4.5. User Email Address - The email address to which the User / Merchant receives the access codes and passwords required to perform operations defined by the centralized remote service (if any). In order to receive centralized remote services, the user / merchant may be required to perform the authorization obligation by simple (use of username and password) or complex (use of username, password and one-time code) authorization methods. The authentication method for each relevant remote service channel (s) / services is also registered in the centralized identification system.

4.6. Celsius may specify additional or differentiated user identifiers for service improvement and / or security purposes.

5. Authorization

5.1. After registering and verifying the account, the user will be logged in to use the website.

5.2. Authentication is done through the user's universal identifiers.

6. Selection of the desired product by the client, placing and receiving the order:

6.1. The authorization user goes to the main page through the website, from where he can access various information through the placed navigation buttons.

6.2. Using the navigation buttons, the user selects the desired product category, after which he is able to filter the data according to the desired price category, merchant, product characteristics and / or other offered data.

6.3. By selecting the "Confirm" button, the user selects and places the desired product in his / her own basket.

6.4. After placing the product in the cart, the customer will be redirected to the payment page, where the cost of the product may be added to the service fee for various services.

6.5. Customers will be able to receive products purchased through the celsiusi.ge platform according to the rules of predefined delivery service.

6.6. The customer has the right to return the purchased item according to the attached return policy.

6.7. The item selected by the user through the celsiusi.ge platform is considered purchased and the customer is given the right to own the item after the item is delivered by the company to the customer or a person designated by the customer, at the place of delivery specified by the customer.

6.8. The company is entitled, unilaterally, to influence the customer at its discretion

Cancel the transaction / order made by.

6.9. If the company cancels the transaction / order made by the customer, the company is obliged to return the amount paid by the customer to the same account and the same amount that the customer paid before the cancellation of the transaction / order.

7. Relationship between the company and the merchant:

7.1. The relationship between Merchant and Celsius, including the rules of settlement, is governed by the provisions of this Article and the agreement between Merchant and Celsius.

7.2. By registering on the celsiusi.ge website, the Merchant confirms that it agrees to the present terms of privacy and security.

8. Payment between celsiusi.ge and the customer:

8.1. Customers can pay by credit card, which includes these terms and conditions.

8.2. The recipient of the transfer when paying by credit card is Celsius, who then sends the received amount / transfer to the merchant.

8.3. When paying by credit card, the service fee provided by celsiusi.ge is added to the cost of the product.

8.4. Celsius will assist customers in resolving credit card payment issues through the Customer Service Center.

8.5. Celsius acts as the financial agent of the merchant when paying by credit card. The customer's obligation to the merchant will be considered fulfilled from the moment when the cost of the specific product and the commission charged to it are fully reflected in the relevant Celsius bank account.

8.6. Celsius will transfer the value of the product paid by the customer to the Merchant's bank account only after the product and the commission accrued on it are fully and properly reflected on the Celsius account.

8.7. The user pays with celsiusi.ge with the following payment methods:

With VISA or MASTERCARD card on the site www.celsiusi.ge
Online installment.
Cash with courier.
9. Warranty conditions:

9.1. The parties agree that the extension of the warranty conditions on a particular product and its validity is entirely the prerogative of the Merchant and Celsius cannot be held liable for any lack of warranty conditions / refusal to rectify any defect / non-conformance of the product during the warranty period.

9.2. In the presence of warranty conditions, the customer submits a claim directly to the Merchant during the warranty period. Independent of Celsius.

9.3. You can find out more about the warranty conditions here:

10. Closing a personal account and restricting its use:

10.1. celsiusi.ge is entitled to terminate or restrict the right to use the platform unilaterally, by means of an e-mail notification to the Customer, if it considers that the requirements of these Terms and Conditions have been violated. In this case, the account is closed or the use is restricted from the moment of receiving the notification specified in this article;

10.2. In the event that Celsius closes the account for a reason specified in Article 11.1 or restricts its use, the user is not authorized to create a new account on his or her behalf.

10.3. The user is entitled to terminate the use of the celsiusi.ge platform at any time, which does not lead to the termination of the privacy obligation under this agreement.

11. Prohibited Operations and Additional Merchant Guarantees:

11.1. It is strictly forbidden to buy and / or sell the following products through the celsiusi.ge platform:

Drugs or related attributes;
Firearms or ammunition;
Cable and satellite TV signal suppression devices;
Pornographic material;
Government identification documents and licenses, as well as reproduction and innovation samples;
Unlicensed lottery and gambling services;
Multilevel marketing, pyramid-style trading or Ponzi schemes, matrix programs or other quick enrichment schemes or high-income investment programs;
Goods or services that infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties, including the unlawful use of electronic download software;
celsiusi.ge reserves the right, within its discretion, to increase or decrease the categories of prohibited operations;
11.2. In case the user carries out, or tries to carry out the operation in violation of the prohibition provisions specified in this article, celsiusi.ge reserves the right to:

Terminate or suspend the operation of the Customer Personal Account; And / or
Inform the law enforcement agencies about the operation; And / or
Claim damages from the customer;
11.3. The Merchant declares and guarantees that:

Holds all licenses, permits, certificates, liability insurance (if any)

And other documentation required by applicable law for the sale of a particular product;
Adhere to the relevant norms of current legislation and professional ethics during the sale of the product;
will protect the personal data of the user of celsiusi.ge securely and confidentially.
12. Limitation of liability of celsiusi.ge:

12.1 You agree that you are free to choose whether or not to use the Celsius Website and Services at your sole discretion and risk.

12.2 Celsius will ensure your access to the Website and the provision of the Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Celsius makes no other promises or warranties regarding the service or service of any product that forms part of the Service, so Celsius Liability (including Default Warranties, Satisfactory Quality, and / or Fulfillment of Your Purposes) is excluded (within the limits set by law). We do not warrant that the Website and / or Services will be permanently available or free of software bugs, viruses or other errors.

12.3 Celsius shall not be liable to you or any person, in any way, contractually, negligently, tortiously or otherwise, for any loss or damage incurred, or in any form, in the use of the Services by you or any third party, directly or indirectly, including without limitation , Loss for business loss, loss of profit (including expected loss or inadmissibility), cessation of business, or other monetary or material / material loss.

12.4 Celsius shall not be liable to you or any person, contractually, negligently, tortiously or otherwise, for any loss or damage arising out of, or in any way related to, your use of any link on this site. Celsius is not responsible for the content of the internet webpage you are redirected to from the website or its services.

12.5 You acknowledge that Celsius will not be liable to you or any third party in the event of any change, restriction or termination of access to the Website.

12.6 You agree that if the Celsius Website does not function properly, the operation, interruption or interruption of transaction transmission, loss or damage to data or contact or lines, unlawful use by any third party of the site or its components, or any of our control In the case of outside environments:

12.7 Celsius shall not be liable for any loss, including loss of profits caused by the foregoing, and such loss shall not be reimbursed;

12.8 If any such error results in an increase in your profit or profit for you, you are not entitled to such profit. You must notify us immediately of any such Celsius error and refund all profits credited to your account as a result of such Celsius error (as indicated by Celsius) or Celsius may, in its sole discretion, deduct the amount of that profit from your account.

12.9 Celsius is responsible for:

12.9.1 The correctness and timeliness of conducting transactions on the personal account with the user in accordance with the rules defined by these conditions and the current legislation;

12.9.2. On the confidentiality of information on transactions on a personal account, in cases provided by law;

12.10 Celsius is not responsible for:

12.10.1. On product quality;

12.10.2. In case of guarantee conditions, non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfillment of the obligations by the Merchant under such conditions within the guarantee period;

12.10.3. For direct or indirect damage caused by the sale of a defective product, which without limitation includes unearned income, loss of business and damage to reputation.

12.10.4. Celsius assumes no responsibility for any transaction, liability, or payment specified in the payment arising out of the transaction between the Customer and the Merchant;

12.10.5. For direct or indirect damages incurred in case of cancellation of the transaction by the user for any reason.

12.11. Violation of the obligations set forth in these Terms shall result in liability under the current legislation of Georgia under these Terms; The parties undertake to compensate each other for the damage (loss) caused as a result of their full or partial non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the conditions in accordance with the rules established by law and / or conditions;

13. Term and termination of the contract:

13.1. These Terms and Conditions shall remain in force until the User Registration is canceled.

13.2. Fully trust the product fee by the customer under these terms and when purchasing the product

Payment for d celsiusi.ge is the fulfillment of its monetary obligation. Fulfillment of a monetary obligation shall not result in termination of these Terms and Conditions;

14. Regulatory legislation and dispute resolution rules:

14.1. These terms are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

14.2. Georgia is considered to be the place of fulfillment of the conditions by the parties;

14.3. Any dispute or disagreement relating to these Terms or its interpretation shall be settled by negotiation between the Parties;

14.4. If the parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation within 30 (thirty) calendar days, they shall unconditionally agree to resort to other means of resolving the dispute granted to them by the legislation of Georgia.

15. Amendments to these Terms:

15.1. These Terms may be subject to change. The changes will be made by celsiusi.ge without prior notice to the User, however, in the event of a substantial change in the Terms, the Customer will have to re-consent to continue to receive the Services without interruption. With each substantial change of the terms, the user will have the opportunity to consent to the use of any channel celsiusi.ge.

16. Single Agreement:

16.1. These Terms and Conditions, together with other related agreements, constitute a single comprehensive agreement with respect to the Website and / or the Services and supersede all prior and parallel communications, perceptions, and written statements and warranties in connection with the Website and / or the Services.

17. Privacy Policy:

17.1. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing our website - celsiusi.ge, you confirm that you have read and agree to all the terms of the information protection policy and use of our website.

17.2. Privacy Policy refers to the existing protection mechanisms of celsiusi.ge regarding unauthorized access to personal data, through which celsiusi.ge ensures the protection of your personal data.

18. Purchase and receipt of the item:

18.1. Customers will be able to receive products purchased through the celsiusi.ge platform according to the rules of predefined delivery service.

18.2. The recipient / deliverer of the purchased product can be:

The purchaser (user) himself;
Any other person specified by the customer.
18.3. If the customer does not order the purchased product in person and wants to be delivered by another person in his place, in that case he must provide celsiusi with the personal data of the consignee, namely address, surname, personal number so that celsiusi can correctly identify the consignee and deliver the product. .

18.4. The rule described in this paragraph applies only to the product purchased by non-cash payment (card).

18.5. In case of purchase of the product by the customer in cash, the purchased product will be delivered by celsiusi only to the customer or to the adult specified by the customer in accordance with these rules.

18.6. In case of purchase of the product by the customer in installments, the delivery of the purchased product is paid in celsiusi only to the customer

18.7 celsiusi.ge reserves the right to cancel the order made by the customer at any time.

19. Return / exchange policy

19.1. Please read the celsiusi return policy carefully. By logging in to our website - celsiusi.ge, by using the website, you confirm that you have read and agree to the return / exchange policy and all the terms of use of our website.

19.2. Return / Replacement Policy refers to the terms and conditions of returning / changing the item if you wish to return or replace the item you purchased.

20. Transitional Provisions:

20.1. These headings are used for convenience only in the present terms and have no bearing on the definition or interpretation of the terms;

20.2. Upon request, the user is obliged to provide any additional information to celsiusi.ge and also submit the relevant supporting documents required by celsiusi.ge or defined by the legislation of Georgia;

20.3. If any provision or part thereof of these Terms has been repealed for any reason, declared null and void, that provision or part thereof shall no longer be used, which shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms;

20.4. celsiusi.ge has the right to unilaterally make changes in the text of these Terms and to inform the user about it through any other channel and / or e-mail available to celsiusi.ge media, including the website, celsiusi.ge;

20.5. The user, without the written consent of celsiusi.ge, is not entitled to transfer the rights and requirements arising from these terms

S or obligations to transfer to another person;

20.6. According to the agreement of the parties, the legal address of celsiusi.ge is considered to be the place of fulfillment of these conditions;

20.7. In cases not provided for in the terms, the parties shall be guided by the norms governing the relevant relationship established by law and / or by additionally agreed terms;

21. Terms and Conditions for TBC Business

Terms and conditions of participation in the project:

Participation in the project is your free will and is not associated with any obligation.
You certify that you are a legal entity established under Georgian law and a natural person aged 18 or over and at the same time not a citizen of the European Union or a resident of an EU Member State.
To support the company, you need to select your "preferred" company, select the desired amount to be transferred and click "Support".
Assistance can be provided only in the national currency of Georgia - GEL.
After the donation, you will receive a voucher in the amount of the amount transferred by you via SMS.
Money transferred by you is non-refundable.
Terms of voucher use:

You can use the voucher received under the project in the company ("preferred" company) that you will help.
It will be possible to receive a service / product with a voucher for your "favorite" company after your "favorite" company restores its functionality. And in case of inability to restore the company's activities, your "preferred" company is released from the obligation to withdraw vouchers.
The voucher is issued for a period of 2 years.
Only the service / product issuing company ("preferred" company) is responsible for cashing out the voucher and issuing the relevant service / product.
Only the service / product issuing company ("preferred" company) is responsible for any issue and / or claim related to the voucher.
Celsius Ltd is not responsible if your "preferred" company does not cash out your voucher or provide you with the appropriate service / product.
Celsius Ltd is not responsible for any issues / claims / disputes related to your voucher.