ARISTON - ALTEAS X 35kW Central heating boiler (3300849)
ARISTON - ALTEAS X 35kW Central heating boiler (3300849)
ARISTON - ALTEAS X 35kW Central heating boiler (3300849)
ARISTON - ALTEAS X 35kW Central heating boiler (3300849)

ARISTON - ALTEAS X 35kW Central heating boiler (3300849)



The flagship of traditional boilers, with incomparable Italian design and built-in remote control, superior quality and innovative features.
ARISTON - ALTEAS X 35kW Central Heating Boiler (3300849)

Production: Italy
Code: 3300849
Working principle: natural gas
Boiler type: two-circuit (heating + hot water)
Combustion chamber type: closed
Exhaust Principle: Forced
Power: 35 kilowatts
Warranty: 5 years
Technical data:

Heating area: 200 - 280 mW
Minimum / maximum power: 16.7 - 38.3 kW.
Minimum / maximum gas consumption: 1.59 - 3.65 mW / h
Energy efficiency (MCC): 93.9%
Hot water capacity (Δt 25 ° C): 18.5 l / min.
Heating circuit temperature: 35-82 °
Hot water contour temperature: 36-60 ° C
Power consumption: 101 W
Max. Pressure in the system: 3 bar
Expansion tank capacity: 8 L
Protection type: IPX5D
Size: 770 х 400 х 315 mm
Weight: 33 kg.
Additional features:

Built-in Wi-Fi module (can be managed with a smartphone);
Thermoset glass case;
Premium class design;
Function COMFORT: Faster hot water supply in two modes: COMFORT mode (hot water in 30 seconds) and COMFORT + mode (hot water in just 5 seconds)
Function AUTO: Maximum comfort, energy efficiency and economy based on automatic analysis of environmental conditions related to external devices and performance levels.
106 new components that guarantee high product performance, maximum reliability and durability;
Silent operation thanks to modulation pump and insulation panels;
High efficiency frequency circulation pump with continuous modulation, allows to save much more electricity;
Full control of all work parameters and display of error codes;
High efficiency 93.8% (MCC);
Multilingual interface, the relevant line of the LCD display contains the relevant instructions for users and specialists;
Configured to connect to ARISTON NET - convenient remote control, save all year round and 24-hour monitoring via your phone or computer;
Configured for multi-zone and multi-temperature control;
Configured for use with solar heating systems;
Gas filter built into the boiler;
Cold water inlet and heater filters.
Bridgenet® bus communication protocol;
Aluminum Finished Primary Heat Transfer;
The boiler works even at low pressure (5 m / bar);
Cold water inlet and heating filters;
Designed with the help of experienced installers, technicians and a technical committee to facilitate installation and maintenance procedures;
Designed for long service life: for maximum performance created from strong and durable materials;
100% tested in real conditions: All Ariston boilers coming out of the conveyor are tested for efficiency, workability and tightness;
100% designed for long-term use: for maximum performance from strong and durable materials;
Completely safe: quality control at all stages of production. Made from the finest European components in Italy;
Daily savings with constant comfort: Ariston technologies maximize savings with minimal emissions and continuous comfort.



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