ARISTON - SENSYS HD Thermostat with remote control (3319468)

ARISTON - SENSYS HD Thermostat with remote control (3319468)



Thermostat with full boiler control function. Controls the room temperature, programs the boiler operation according to the days and hours, it is possible to manage the hot water temperature, displays the boiler error codes with a detailed description and solutions.
It can be managed from the device as well as mobile or computer (via WiFi).
3319468 Thermostat SENSYS HD ARISTON

Brand: Ariston
Code: 3319468
Installation: on the wall
Production: Italy
Technical data:

Room temperature adjustment: 0 - 50 ° C
Charging: 2 x type AA RL6 - 1.5 V alkaline batteries
Attachment Protocol: BUS BridgeNet®
Dimensions (length / height / depth): 96 x 134 x 16 mm

Additional features:

The thermostat is connected to the boiler with Ariston exclusive BUS BridgeNet® wiring, adapted to all Ariston boilers (EVO, X, XC and ONE series);
The thermostat should be installed away from the heat source (radiator, sunlight, gas stove, etc.) and also away from windows, which can cause a leak from the actual temperature;
The device should be installed at a height of about 1.5 meters from the base of the wall;
With SENSYS HD thermostat it is possible to fully control the boiler - heating, hot water, work schedule according to days and hours;
In the event of a boiler malfunction, the SENSYS HD control panel displays the error code, its description and also troubleshooting ways;
SENSYS HD is connected to Ariston Net, which will make it possible to remotely control the boiler with a mobile phone or computer;
The system of the device constantly controls the change of temperature, energy consumption, thus minimizing the unnecessary load on the boiler and increasing its economy.

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