ARISTON - Kios 12 R32 (40m²) Inverter Air Conditioner



◘ Ariston Kios BS R32 inverter air conditioner is a premium class model of the new generation of 2023. Thanks to the 2D INVERTER technology, it is one of the most economical models on the market ─ the minimum energy consumption during cooling reaches 100 watts, which at the same time does not change the efficiency of the air conditioner. Compared to standard air conditioners, the Ariston Kios model consumes 30 ─ 40% more cooling energy.

Model: air conditioner KIOS BS R32 12 BTU INV
Code: 3381553
Warranty: 3 years
Recommended area: 40 ─ 60 m²
Air conditioner type: wall inverter split system


  • Integrated Wi-Fi: Air conditioner control via Wi-Fi application.
  • INVERTER technology: Double inverter in the outdoor unit to modulate the fan speed and compressor frequency. This allows you to improve efficiency and manage consumption, as well as effectively control noise. 3D INVERTER models have an additional inverter in the indoor unit to control the noise inside the house.
  • 3D AIR FLOW: This feature uses vertical and horizontal oscillating motion to circulate warm/cool air to all corners of the room, providing comprehensive airflow control.
  • I FEEL: Follow Me function allows you to monitor the temperature in real time. You can set the temperature for the room where the remote control is kept by sending a signal to the air conditioner.

Technical data

  • Energy consumption class: A+++
  • Energy efficiency:
    • EER: 3.23 w/w
    • COP: 5.02 / 2.78 w/w
  • Air conditioner power: 12000 BTU (3.5 kW)
  • Rated power in Btu:
    • Cooling: 11600 Btu/h
    • Heating: 11703 Btu/h
  • Nominal power W:
    • Cooling: 3400 W
    • Heating:  3430 W
  • E-mail Energy consumption W (min/max):
    • Cooling: 925 / 1730 W
    • Heating: 1053 / 1500 W
  • Air flow rate m3/h:
    • Internal unit: 550 m3/h
    • External unit: 1900 m3/h
  • Noise level dB(A):
    • Inner block (Lo/Mi/Hi): 32 / 39 / 43 / 48 / 53
    • Outer block: 64
  • Working temperature °C:
    • On cooling: -15 ~ +53 °C
    • Heating: -20 ~ +30 °C
  • Protection class: IPX0 / IP24

Physical data

  • Freon type: R32 eco gas
  • Freon weight: 500 g
  • Compressor:
    • Brand: GMCC
    • Type: Rotary
  • Weight:
    • Inner block: 10.5 kg
    • Outer block: 26 kg
  • Dimensions (Length x Height x Depth):
    • Inner block: 777×250×201 mm
    • Outer block: 777×498×290 mm

Working modes:

R32 Air conditioner filled with R32 unmixed refrigerant gas, with reduced CO2 emissions and with a GWP of 675
SELF-CLEANING This function makes it easier to remove accumulated dirt, bacteria and other dangerous substances from the evaporator.
GOLDEN FIN Hydrophilic treatment carried out on the thermal exchange batteries that facilitates drainage of the condensate water, speeds up defrosting while increasing energy efficiency and protects the outdoor unit against acid rain, salty air and corrosive elements.
OPTIMISED PIPE CROSS-SECTION Compared to conventional pipes, the trapezoidal section of the new pipes allows more refrigerant to flow through them, thus increasing energy efficiency.
MULTI-SECTION EVAPORATOR Due to the compact size of the indoor unit, the multi-section evaporator optimises the space for heat exchange and increases the thermal efficiency.
3D INVERTER DC Modulates the compressor frequency and the indoor and outdoor fan speeds.
2D INVERTER DC Modulates the compressor frequency and the outdoor fan speed.
I FEEL The air conditioning unit’s operation depends on the remote control sensor, which detects the actual temperature of the room in which it is located.
SLEEP FUNCTION With this function, the air conditioning unit sets an ultra-low fan speed for the indoor unit, keeping the room extremely silent.
INDOOR 6-SPEED FAN The air conditioner has 3 speeds: Low, Medium and High. With these speeds, added to those of the sleep, turbo and auto functions, the air conditioner has a total of 6 air flow speeds.
OUTDOOR 5-SPEED FAN The 5-speed outdoor unit DC fan motor increases energy efficiency and reduces running noise to a minimum.
3D AIR FLOW This function uses the vertical and horizontal oscillating movement to ensure the circulation of warm/cool air to all corners of the room, guaranteeing all-round control of the air flow.
SMART COMFORT In cooling mode, the air flow is directed upwards, while in heating mode it is directed vertically downwards. This ensures an even temperature distribution throughout the room, thus optimising comfort.
TURBO FUNCTION This function allows the unit to reach the set temperature in the shortest possible time.
AUTO FUNCTION The fan mode and speed are set automatically depending on the room temperature detected.
DISPLAY OFF Shuts the indoor unit’s display off to enhance comfort, especially at night.
SLEEP Adjusts the temperature automatically in order to make the room more comfortable at night.
WASHABLE DUST FILTER Removes any inclusions present in the air.
53°C STRONG COOLING IN HIGH TEMPERATURE Thanks to the air-cooled technology the AC can work and provide high capacity even if the outside temperature is as high as 53oC.
REFRIGERANT LEAKAGE CHECK The air conditioner detects refrigerant leaks and shows an error message on the indoor unit’s display.
INVISIBLE DISPLAY The display is positioned behind the indoor unit’s panel for a more stylish look.
FLAP AUTO MEMORY Before it shuts off, the air conditioner saves the last position of the flap and restores it when next switched on.
TIMER Allows you to turn the air conditioning unit on or off at the desired time.
SELF CLEAN Cleans and dries the evaporator automatically, preparing it for best performance the next time it runs.
SELF-DIAGNOSTICS The air conditioner’s micro-computer monitors malfunctions and shuts the unit down accordingly, indicating the respective error codes on the indoor unit’s display.
AUTO-RESTART When power is restored after a power failure, the air conditioner starts again with the previous settings, such as operating mode, temperature, fan speed and flap position.
RUSTPROOFING The outdoor unit’s housing is rustproofed to prevent rust forming over time.
FLEXIBLE CONDENSATE DISCHARGE The indoor unit’s condensate drainage pipe can be positioned on the same side as the refrigerant pipes or on the opposite side, for more flexible installation.
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